January 7, 2015

Love Without End  
"Love Without End"
Robin Lee Hatcher

Being a single dad with two teenage boys is not easy.  Chet has found this out by firsthand experience.  Thanks to his wife who walked out on them and God and wants nothing to do with any of them.  Not only is rearing two teenage boys challenging, so is running a ranch with little to no funds.  But he's doing fairly well with all of it, even if he doesn't think so. 

 His Nana Anna, comes home after living away for years.  She's not really his Nana, but he grew up knowing her as his Nana.  Anna McKenna, (Nana Anna) brings a much needed boost with her and her strong and steady faith in God help all of those around her.  She hasn't had an easy life, but God has blessed her and she is grateful for those blessings.  

In her thirties, Kimberly Welch becomes an unexpected widow.  Her husband just drops dead with a heart attack.  Now she and her teenage daughter, Tara, are left to pick up the pieces.  Kimberly and Tara were used to being wealthy and living the high society life.  Well, of that changed when her husband passed.  They were in debt and Kimberly didn't even know it.  As she is struggling to find a job, a home and struggling to get along with her rebellious teenage daughter, her best friend invites them to live with her in Kings Meadow.  

While in Kings Meadow, Tara is given a horse and becomes obsessed with all things horses.  Her horse isn't tame though.  This is where Chet comes in.  He used to tame horses and doesn't have time to teach Tara about horses or tame her horse, but he can't seem to say no.  Tara really loves it in Kings Meadow, but Kimberly is still looking for a job in the city.  She can't stand horses, but she is starting to really like everyone in Kings Meadow, a certain cowboy in particular.  

While everyone is adjusting to the changes of life, Nana Anna is the one that keeps everyone in line.  She too is adjusting to being back home, but her faith is so strong nothing seems to weaken her.  She has to cope with all of her old memories and dreams.  Instead of letting them sadden her, she thanks God for them.

"Love Without End" is a lovely story about people hurting, finding what's next, moving on and really putting their trust in God.  The characters in this book deal with a lot of hardships that many of us have never experienced, yet they keep trusting God and they allow Him to heal them.  
Each character is beautifully developed.  Though there are many characters in this book it wasn't confusing as some books I have read have been.  

I enjoyed reading about Nana Anna's past.  At first I was a bit confused with how one chapter was about her in the past and the present was about all new people.  But after the first couple chapters, it flowed better.  I did feel sorry for Nana Anna, but was inspired by her strength and faith in the Lord.  

The way Chet raised his boys was something I also liked.  They were a close family even if they did have struggles and quarrels.  The internet wasn't something that they were obsessed with and they always helped each other out.  

I'm glad that Tara and Kimberly started getting along and understanding each other.  

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