January 8, 2015

Masterpiece Marriage 
"Masterpiece Marriage"
Gina Welborn

Mary has always had a problem standing up for herself.  She wants to be a research assistant for the Virginia Agricultural Extension Office.  But she is a woman.  The time is 1891, when a woman doesn't do that.  She needs drawings to illustrate her research on tomatoes, which she hope will enable her to obtain the position.  But she doesn't draw.   

While house-sitting, she discovers her neighbor draws.  So she works a trade, the drawings in exchange for Mary working on a bridal quilt.  Maris is okay with the trade, until her neighbor's nephew comes in to the picture.  He wants to take away his aunt's time to work on a quilt pattern, which he hopes will save his textile business.  His aunt compromises and agrees to work on both projects.  What she really might be up to is matchmaking.  But not between Mary and her nephew Zenus.  

What will happen when Mary's father gives the position to someone else?  What do Mary and Zenus do about the feelings that have developed between them?  Aunt Priscilla pulls some strings and gets Mary accepted to John Hopkins doctorate program.  But what happens to Zenus.  Will they ever see each other again?

This book contained some unusual twists and turns, which were sometimes hard to follow.  On the other hand, when you think you had a plot figured out, such as Aunt Priscilla's matchmaking, things don't turn out how you expected.  The plot twists and turns make this book interesting and keeps you guessing.

I liked the fact that the scripture was taken from the King James Bible.  

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