May 23, 2015

Cover Art 
"Love Letters"
Beverly Lewis

Merlena Wenger is being sent to help her Mennonite grandmother, who has just buried her husband.  She doesn't want to go.  It's not that she doesn't want to help her grandmother, but if she is to marry in the fall, she has to take baptismal classes during the summer.  Now she will have to wait another whole year.  She wonders if her parents have an ulterior motive in sending her away, maybe to get her away from Nat, her Old Amish Order beau.  

While there, Merlena starts her own search for God and His will for her life.  She feels that His will includes taking care of her deceased sister's baby.  Her sister who turned away from Plain life and went fancy. But Nat doesn't think Marlena should care for the child because she is "an Englischer".  Marlena tells Nat that she believes it is what the Lord wants her to do, so he ends their relationship.

Her heart really breaks wen Gordon, who was missing in action, shows up to claim his daughter.  What does the Lord have in store for Marlena now and will her breaking heart ever mend?

This book was sad at times, but very heartwarming.  It showed how we must let go and let God control our lives.  Beverly Lewis always writes a captivating story that you cannot put down until it is finished.

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May 22, 2015

When Grace Sings 
"When Grace Sings"
Kim Vogel Sawyer

Found on a door step by Suzanne Zimmerman, who had just given up her own baby for adoption, Alexa Zimmerman wonders if the Old Order Mennonite community will ever except her.  Suzanne takes little Alexa, certain she is a gift from God.  When Suzanne's mother is injured in an accident, Suzanne, who is a nurse, is asked by her siblings to come home.  Reluctantly, she goes, taking Alexa with her.  

Suzanne's mother comes to love Alexa, even though she isn't a blood relative.  Alexa decides to stay and help her grandmother and sets about to turn her home into a B&B.  Her first guest is Briley Forrester, a reporter for a scandal magazine.

He is out to dig up dirt about the Old Order Mennonites to prove they are not as goody-goody as they let on.  He may very well find it too, because another border is Anna-Grace Brawn.  She knows she is adopted, but doesn't know her real parents.  But Alexa knows the truth.

Add to this the secrets of Anna's fiance.  

Will things ever work for these 4 people?  Who each have their own set of problems?

Can't wait for book #3 to see how things turn out.  

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May 21, 2015

A Love Like Ours 
"A Love Like Ours"
Becky Wade

Former Marine Jake Porter has far deeper scars than the one that marks his face. He struggles with symptoms of PTSD, lives a solitary life, and avoids relationships.
When Lyndie James, Jake’s childhood best friend, lands back in Holley, Texas, Jake cautiously hires her to exercise his Thoroughbreds. Lyndie is tender-hearted, fiercely determined, and afraid of nothing, just like she was as a child. Jake pairs her with Silver Leaf, a horse full of promise but lacking in results, hoping she can solve the mystery of the stallion’s reluctance to run.
Though Jake and Lyndie have grown into very different adults, the bond that existed during their childhood still ties them together. Against Jake’s will, Lyndie’s sparkling, optimistic personality begins to tear down the walls he’s built around his heart. A glimmer of the hope he’d thought he’d lost returns, but fears and regrets still plague him. Will Jake ever be able to love Lyndie like she deserves, or is his heart too shattered to mend?

This was my first time reading a Becky Wade novel, but hopefully not my last.  She has an enjoyable writing style that is uniquely her own.  She makes the characters and their stories so real, that you feel that you actually know them and are pained by the trials they're facing and rejoice with the good things.

Lyndie and her family have not had it easy, but they still believe and know that God is good.  I love that!  I love that Becky Wade writes in such a way that her readers can relate to.  Yes, we all have different trials and face a variety of different things, but God is good.  That is something that we all need to remember through the good times and the bad.  

This book is a keeper!  Now I'm going to hunt down the first two and read them!  

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May 19, 2015


"A Chance Of Loving You"
Terri Blackstock
Candace Calvert
Susan May Warren

For Love of Money by Terri Blackstock Trying to launch her own design firm while waitressing on the side, Julie Sheffield was drawn to the kind man she waited on at the restaurant last night . . . until he stiffed her on the tip by leaving her half of a sweepstakes ticket.

The Recipe by Candace Calvert Hospital dietary assistant Aimee Curran is determined to win the Vegan Valentine Bake-Off to prove she’s finally found her calling. But while caring for one of her patients―the elderly grandmother of a handsome CSI photographer―Aimee begins to question where she belongs.

Hook, Line & Sinker by Susan May Warren Grad student Abigail Cushman has agreed to enter the annual Deep Haven fishing contest. She’s a quick learner, even if she doesn’t know the difference between a bass and a trout. But nothing could prepare her for competing against the handsome charmer she’s tried to forget since grief tore them apart.

One chance for each woman to change her life . . . but will love be the real prize?
For Love of Money review:
by Terri Blackstock
I had never read a Terri Blackstock romance before, just her mysteries.  Apparently she's good at writing both!  This was a fun and light-hearted story about two kind-hearted people.  
Julie wasn't greedy and could care less about becoming a millionaire.  Then she becomes one and doesn't like the kind of person it has turned her into.  
Blake on the other hand can't wait to collect the millions, but won't do it without Julie.  

Blake finds out that he's not so good at handling money and then thinks that he may have the right to Julie's. Obviously, this doesn't sit well with Julie so they part ways.  

Do they get back together or has the love of money driven them apart for good?
The Recipe review:
by Candace Calvert
This was my first time reading Candace Calvert's work, but I hope it's not my last.  I was drawn into this book from the beginning.   The characters were so "alive" and "real" that I felt this was actually happening.  
She wrote her characters with strong and caring personalities.   Sure, they have their flaws, but they don't let that hold them back.  They learn from them. 

This book was my favorite of the three.

Hook Line and Sinker review:
by Susan May Warren
Susan May Warren has always been a favorite of mine, but for some reason, I wasn't able to get into this book right away.  It kinda' felt like I was starting off in the middle of the story.
However, I did enjoy it once it got going. 
The characters in this book had a problem with forgiveness and grudges, but they did learn how to deal with them.  

All in all, this was an enjoyable read.  If you like light-hearted, romantic, Christian fiction books then you will enjoy this collection.
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Cover Art 
"As Love Blooms"
Lorna Seilstad

Tessa Gregory, the youngest of the 3 Gregory sisters, is the most adventurous and daring.  

Living in a time where she is hampered because she is a woman, she longs to be a horticulturist.  However, that is only a position a man is allowed to have.  She applies for a position at the city's prestigious Como Park in Saint Paul Minnesota, but is turned down because she is a woman.

She meets Reese King, gardener at the Park, and convinces him to help her prove she is worthy of the position.  Disguised as a boy, she works with Reese side by side.  But Reese doesn't see her as a boy.  He sees her as a lovely young lady.  

Then Reese finally wins the approval of his father and also his coveted position with Tessa's Garden design.  Tessa expects him to tell of her help, but he doesn't say a word.  

Heartbroken and angry, can she ever trust him again?

I enjoyed this book very much.  The books about the Gregory girls are always a good read.  There is just the right amount of romance, adventure and suspense.  

The best books are the ones which provide unexpected and unpredictable twists and these do!  

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May 16, 2015

Heart Sisters 
"Heart Sisters"
Natalie Chambers Snapp

Heart Sisters is for women who want to both be and have better friends and want a helpful guide to take them through the process.
Author Natalie Chambers Snapp uses her own and others’ stories of successes and failures to illustrate what she has learned about girlfriend relationships. Healthy boundaries, honesty, tact, sharing, and agape love all play a part in being and maintaining a circle of close confidants. She also deals with the inevitable challenges that face many relationships including how to handle conflict; life changes like a new baby, move or divorce; and when it is right to “break-up” with your friend.
Discussion questions, space to journal, photos, and quick interviews of healthy female friendships are included within each chapter.

This book seemed liked it was going to be helpful and useful.  You don't see many books written about this topic but that doesn't mean that it isn't needed.  

However, within the first few chapters I was thoroughly confused.  The sentences weren't constructed properly and the topics didn't seem to fit.  Also, the author seemed to repeat herself.    

I believe the author had good intentions with this book and while it may help some, it was a bit lacking for me.  It also would have been more understandable if she would have just used the KJB.

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