January 6, 2015

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"At Bluebonnet Lake"
Amanda Cabot

Kate Sherwood, a busy marketing woman, takes her grandma on vacation to a place in Texas Hill Country where her grandparents went many years ago.   She can't wait to see this beautiful part of the country as grandma has described it so well.  But when they get there it is nothing like her grandmother described.  It's quite the opposite.  Her grandmother doesn't mind though, she still sees it how she remembers it.  

While trying to adjust her vacation situation and being with out any cell phone or internet service, she runs into the handyman, Greg.  Well, she thinks he's the handyman.  She later learns that he's not the handyman, but is fixing the place up on his own.  Kate figure out why he is doing this and not care about getting paid.  

Greg has enjoyed his peaceful stay at Rainbow's End and has been being the "handyman".  What he enjoys even more is spending time with Kate.  They strike up a friendship and he wonders if it could ever be more than just a friendship.  

Kate went to Rainbow's End as a favor to her sick grandmother.  She isn't used to the extremely, slow-pace of Texas, but she learns to adjust and actually starts to like it.  But her dream of becoming a partner at her firm still has priority in her life.  When she gets the opportunity of a lifetime to write a campaign for a big agent, she must leave Rainbow's End for a couple days to give them her pitch.  Then her grandmother takes a turn for the worst and dreams don't seem all that important anymore.  

Kate must get her priorities straight.  Greg, has some baggage he has to deal with as well.  Will they overcome these obstacles and realize they're meant to be together?  Kate doesn't know what she'll do if anything ever happened to her grandmother.  Now she feels responsible for her recent condition and doesn't know if her grandma will make it.  

This book was very enjoyable.  Although I expected it to be more a western than it was, I still liked it.   Reading "At Bluebonnet Lake" was like being on a vacation, as of course, they were in the book.  At times it was a bit slow-paced for me, but that's how vacations go sometimes.  The characters were well written and Rainbow's End was described so vividly, I could picture it and felt as if I was there.  Can't wait till book two comes out.

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