January 19, 2015

Cover Art 
"Hidden Agenda"
Lisa Harris

Michael Hunt is an undercover cop that has been working with the biggest drug cartel in Atlanta for the past year to get the information that the government needs to shut down the cartel for good. Michael has always loved undercover work, but now it seems like his double life as an undercover cop is finally going to catch up with him. His family thinks that he has been dead for the past eight months, the police department thinks that he is a traitor.  The leak inside of the agency, and the drug cartel leader have just discovered that he is a policeman and has ordered him to be killed. Michael is sure that he is going to die(for real this time) when an unexpected 'angel' saves his life.

Olivia Hamilton is a reporter and likes her job until she starts receiving anonymous emails about Antonio Valez and his connection to the drug cartel. Olivia does not want to believe the messages because Antonio Valez is her father. She is not sure what she should do, but like every good reporter she knows she has to get to the truth. While Olivia is contemplating what she should do her brother, Ivan, witnesses a murder and knows that somebody else is going to be killed in the next twelve hours. Ivan goes to Olivia to tell her what he has just seen and asks for help in freeing the other man. Olivia is hesitant about this and just wants to protect her brother and get him as far away as possible. Ivan does convince Olivia to help him rescue the other man and as the three are trying to make their escape, they are thrust into more danger than they could have ever imagined.

With danger around every corner, secrets and lies that have been kept through the years are beginning to be revealed. But is knowing the truth really the best thing for everyone involved? 
Hidden Agenda is a very exciting book. I could not put it down until I was finished reading it. Lisa Harris has once again captured my attention. This book is filled with adventure, mystery, and romance. I strongly recommend reading the entire Southern Crimes series by Lisa Harris.
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