January 5, 2015

QOL Swept Away 
"Swept Away"
Laura V. Hilton & Cindy Loven

Sara Jane Morgan has her hands full trying to keep track of her feisty grandmother.  Her grandmother has a mind of her own including trying to get Sara Jane married.  She tries to set her up with a rugged looking handyman, who also makes brooms. But Sara Jane doesn't like the looks of the unkempt man, who needs both a haircut and a shave.  So she is very rude to him.  Drew takes one look at Sara Jane and takes her for a stuck up snob.  Both have a lot to learn.

They both learn that the other is not what they seem.  Sara also learns that her grandmother is having some health issues which frighten her.  When Sara begins to fall for Drew, she can't understand why he doesn't respond to her flirting.  Also, Sara and her grandmother think that attending Church is all you need to do to get to Heaven.  But when a life threatening accident occurs will Sara and Grandma realize that Jesus is the only way?   What happens to Drew and Sara?  Does Sara finally get Drew's attention?

I enjoyed this book.  It could have been better if the King James Bible had been used instead of what was used, some book that I never heard of.  The salvation verse was correct and that is important.

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