May 21, 2012


1.  Everyone has a testimony.  A testimony is what others hear you say and watch you live to see if they match.  A testimony is really how someone else might describe you and your character.  YOUR TESTIMONY IS THE REAL YOU!  You could have a good testimony or a bad testimony.  It's your choice.
2.  Enoch had this testimony:  He pleased God (Hebrews 11:5).  Whenever anyone asked about Enoch, everyone's reply was, "He always pleases God."
3.  However, more important than what others thought about Enoch, is what God thought about him.  The answer?  Even God Himself said, "Enoch pleases Me!"  Wouldn't it be a great thing if God said that about you too?
4.  So what is it about us that could please Almighty God?  Faith (Hebrews 11:6).  Faith in God pleases God.  He loves it when you trust Him.  The more you trust God, the more it pleases God.  
5.  Enoch was the dad of Methuselah - the man who lived the longest upon the earth.  Enoch got to spend 300 years teaching, training, and mentoring Methuselah on how to please God.  Methuselah must have listened.  
6.  God enjoyed Enoch trusting Him and pleasing Him so much, that God took Enoch to Heaven without Him having to die.  This only happened one other time in the Bible.  It happened to Elijah (II Kings 2:11).
7.  According to the Bible, Enoch lived during a very wicked and sinful time.  Yet, he still pleased God.  This means you can too.  Do you?  When someone mentions your name, what do they think of?  Good?  Bad?  
8.  Enoch's testimony was consistent.  Enoch lived the same, acted the same, preached the same, talked the same, and walked the same everywhere he went.  He did not act one way at Church and live a different life at home.  Enoch always pleased God.
9.  People missed Enoch and looked for him after he was taken by God to Heaven (Hebrews 11:5, "...and was not found,...").  Others are always watching you.  You probably do not know everyone that watches you.  What do they think of you?  This old, sinful, dirty world may not understand God nor how to please Him; but may they watch us and be able to say, "They certainly please God." 

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