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(left) Crocheted burnt orange and chocolate brown bag.  I gave it some fringe on the flap for some "western" flair. 

(right) This is the back.  I stitched the burnt orange with the chocolate brown and I stitched the brown with the burnt orange.  Perfect for fall!                                                  

(right) This is also a crocheted purse.  This one is black and stitched in red.  Has a flap and a button. 

(left)  A blue crocheted purse.  The very first one I made!  I was so proud of myself!  :)  I hadn't figured out how to do a button flap yet, so it just has a flap.  But I am still proud of it.  It matched the outfit I wore with it perfectly!  :)


(right)  A smaller purse.
Burnt orange with variegated orange ruffles on the front.

(left)  A burgundy and brown mixture crocheted purse.  Has flap with a light brown button.


(right)  Pink trimmed with black with black flower on the front.  Later I lined it with pink n black polka dot material.  So cute!  I gave it to my Aunt for Christmas and she loved it! 


MATERIALS:  empty tissue box, paper (to wrap the outside), decorations for the outside, hot glue gun/glue sticks, tissue paper (to line the bottom),  goodies to fill it with 
 Wrap the outside with paper.  (I used orange wrapping paper.)  Decorate the outside.  (I cut up pieces of foam with crazy scissors.  Then I added orange foam sticker dots.  I glued the jack-o-lantern on the front.)  Line the bottom with tissue paper then fill with goodies.  The "hand"  is just a plastic glove filled with popcorn and jellybeans for the fingernails.  You could use candy corns.  The "mummy"  is a "Mondo" juice bottle wrapped with white streamer, for the eyes I used construction for the outside layer of black, then white paper and for the eyeballs I colored orange dots black.  (the same ones I used on the outside of the box.)  The "ghost" is just a tootsie roll pop with a tissue over it and a ribbon tied around it.  I used a black marker for the eyes.  The pumpkin cookies are just homemade sugar cookies; we died the frosting orange.  The rest is just a bag of candy, coloring books, notepad and pen. 




This is such a Dottie Card!  Surprisingly, 
                                                    I didn't make it!  But I love it!
                                     Dixie knows me well!

This snowman card is my absolute favorite!   
(of the ones I made)
I stuffed the snowman with cotton.  I just
love to push his tummy!  It reminds me 
of the Pillsbury Dough boy, only no sound affects. :( 

Mr. and Mrs. Gingerbread Man.  Aren't they adorable? 



I made these for mys cousins for Christmas.  One is a Steelers fan and the other is a Titan's fan!
Sorry the pictures are so bad.  I took them when I was half asleep or was it half awake.  Either way it was about 2:30 a.m. and I was not functioning too well. :)  Especially, since I didn't have any coffee!  


These ornaments were free-handed and handed painted.  They are Dixie's own designs!



A log cabin in the snow!

Dixie painted these adorable snowmen ornaments for me for Christmas.  Notice the polka dots?  :)

She painted my Dad a train ornament. I like how the "light" actually looks like it's glowing.

This is the back end of the train.  See the smoke?

Snoopy ice skating ornament.

Snow covered tree at the end of the pond.

Dixie flag with eagle ornament

Oh!  And of course, snow! :)

The back of the Dixie flag ornament.  She painted swords above his name.  So creative!

Santa Snoopy outside his decorated dog house.


This year for Christmas I made each of my family members a "gift basket".  I matched the baskets with their personality or something they loved.  Dixie found out what I was doing and she decided to make me one.

Want to make one?  It's super easy! 
Here's what you need:
KFC chicken bucket (empty and clean)
paper/decor (for outside)
glue gun/glue/tape (I used a glue gun)
goodies to fill it with
confetti/icicles (to fill the bottom of the bucket) opt.
I made this one for my brother.  I know, I know, you think I would have given it to Dixie, but I made her a different one.  My brother is all about the south too.   What I did for this one is I first covered the outside with red construction paper.  I printed the Dixie flag off of the computer, then colored it.  (There is one on the back too.)  The words are "Pride of the South"  and "Proud to be your sister!"  I filled the bucket with food that was invented in the South.  (sweet tea, moon pies, peanut butter cookies, root beer etc.)  For each item I typed up a paragraph of it's history and attached to the pertaining item.  Then wrapped it in tulle and tied it together with curling ribbon.

I made this one for Dixie.  She loves pigs!  First I painted the plates pink and let them dry.  I then covered the outside of the bucket with pink construction paper.  Around the rim at the top I glued silver ribbon.  Once the plates were dry, I glued the smaller one onto the big one, then attached the face.   I used googly eyes, pink pipe cleaner, (ears) brown pipe cleaner, (mouth) I cut the nose out of tan foam and used marker for the nostrils.  I then attached the "pig" to the bucket with a hot glue gun.  I printed the saying off of the computer and used "crazy scissors".  The sayings are "P.I.G.S."  and "Pretty Incredible Great Sister".  I filled the bucket with her favorite goodies. 
 Oh!  I also added a tail!  I absolutely love it!  I used pink pipe cleaner and just formed it, then glued it to the back!  :)

I actually had the idea for this one first.  I wanted to make a "movie bucket" for my sister.  On Friday nights we go to her apartment and watch movies, so I thought this would work.  I used some Christmas paper to wrap the outside.  Then I glued red ribbon on the top and bottom of the rims.  I printed out the saying off of the computer.  You may not be able to see them, but there are "York" wrappers on either side of the saying.  (I ate the York's! :) What?  I didn't want them to melt when I glued them to bucket!  The wrapper almost did!)  Then I filled with her favorites.  This one was probably the easiest.

This one was probably the hardest one just because of the "lifesaver".  For the lifesaver, I used a round Styrofoam and wrapped white yarn around and around and around, till it was covered.  Then I used navy yarn and wrapped it around the "four corners".  I then glued it in place.  I printed the saying off of the computer.  "You're a Lifesaver!"

I wrapped the bucket in peppermint Christmas paper.  At the top and bottom rims, I glued red ribbon.  I then attached the lifesaver with lots of glue!  I then filled the bucket with my dad's favorite snacks, including an eight pound bag of Lifesaver's.  He loves those!

I could not for the life of me, figure out what to do for my mom's.  Not that she's hard to please, I just couldn't figure out what exactly to do.  Then I remembered seeing some bear Christmas paper in the basement somewhere.  So, I trotted down the stairs and viola!  I found it!  Then the rest was easy.  Pretty much the same as the others.  I printed the saying off of the computer and glued red ribbon around the rims.  

On the back of the bucket, I glued this red teddy bear by the paws.  I thought it was adorable!  I think my mother would have rather had it unattached.  :(  She still liked it! 

 This is the one Dixie made for me!  I LOVE IT!!!!!! She also used a KFC bucket and wrapped it with the same paper I used for the "It's a treat to be your sister" one.  She then wrote "It's a Splenda to be your sister!"  (I always use splenda in my coffee.)  She made it look like a coffee cup!  For the handle she used a piece of cardboard and wrapped it in the same paper.  For the saucer, she also used cardboard and wrapped it as well.  She attached them with a hot glue gun.  My bucket was filled with all things coffee!!!!!!!  Needless to say, I was very happy!  :)


 These designs were originated by Dixie and Dottie.  

crochet, purses, KFC gift buckets, handmade cards, hats, scarves, pillows, blanket,  hand-painted ornaments, trick or treat box


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