December 8, 2017

Total Christmas Makeover 
"Total Christmas Makeover"
Melissa Spoelstra

Give your Christmas a makeover with this practical approach to help your family learn what it means to truly celebrate their Savior.
In the bustle of the Christmas season, it can be easy to get swept up in all of the things to do. But it’s important to pause and remember that our priority should be to spend time celebrating Christ’s birth and not forget to invite Jesus to his own party.
Christmas is far more than a celebration of an event from long ago or a modern holiday centered around shopping. Mindfully take time to listen to how God continues to speak through the Christmas story as the Gospel narratives centered around the birth of Jesus provide encouragement and revelation concerning the love of God and his wisdom for us today.
In Total Christmas Makeover, author and Bible teacher Melissa Spoelstra provides a practical approach for you and your family to turn your attention toward God’s grace day-by-day as you prepare for Christmas. This 31-day devotional presents key scriptures, ideas to implement with each reading, and questions for reflection to guide you in rediscovering rituals, relationship, and rest to connect you more deeply with Christ this holiday season.

This book is divided into three sections Ritual, Relationships and Rest.  Each section gives something to think about, questions to ponder and a practical approach to change your Christmas into a more meaningful season.  I liked the suggestion about taking the Christmas cards as they come in and praying for the people who sent them,  My major complaint about this book is not using scripture from the King James Bible.  I don't understand why people use other so-called bibles, instead of the one true inspired Word of God.  They claim they can understand them better, but to me they make things more confusing and they are changing the meaning of God's Word to suit themselves.  What I like about this book is its purpose is to have a more meaningful Christmas and not one that is focused on the commercial side of Christmas.  
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