December 8, 2017

Catherine Marshall

Set in the Smoky Mountain community of Gutter Gap Catherine Marshall shares with us the story of her mother Leonora Wood, who at the tender young age of 19, left home to teach the mountain children.  In doing so she forever changed her life and the lives of others.
Although based on a young woman's life, Christy is a work of fiction, with both fact and fiction woven in together.  
Mountain people are proud as well as superstitious and they don't trust outsiders, and they don't trust each other. A "blood feud"  is also involved and threatens to disrupt her classroom.  The novel takes place in the year 1912, but times in Cutter Gap have not caught up to the outside world, so Christy also has physical hardships as well. Can Miss Huddleston see beyond their poverty and fierce clan-like nature and break down the barriers so she can help the people she has come to love?  Also, two men are vying for her affections,  the Preacher, and the Doctor, who was born and raised in the mountains and endeavors to help Christy understand his people.  


This is a beautiful 50th-anniversary copy of this delightful book.  It has a map of all the important places in Cutter Gap in the front.  Also a compiled list of the characters and a short relationship they have with each other.  I would like to find out how much of this story is not fiction. Don't expect the book to be like the television series.  There are some vast differences in places and at times it follows the book closely.

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