February 2, 2015

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"At Home In Last Chance"
Cathleen Armstrong

Kaitlyn Reed has made some big mistakes in her life, like dropping off her little girl at her brother's doorstep and leaving her there.  She has made a complete turn around though and seems she is ready to grow up and face her responsibilities.  Kaitlyn is still dealing with her past mistakes and sometimes wonders what it might be like to just leave it all again.  But not this time.  This time she's sticking it out.  She has a daughter, Olivia, and she is not going to leave her again.   She's still trying to mend the broken pieces from when she left her before.  

Steven is biding his time until his training starts at the police academy.  He wants to leave Last Chance, but something keeps holding him back.  He's really attracted to Kaitlyn, but she doesn't care to give him the time of day.  It seems his charm isn't what it used to be.  Not just with Kaitlyn, but with everybody.  Steven finds a mangy dog on the side of the rode and takes it upon himself to care for her.  Olivia gets very attached to this dog and Steven can't help but like her for it.  

Meanwhile, Chris (Kaitlyn's brother) and Sara (Steven's cousin) are engaged.  Olivia doesn't like it.  She likes Sara and all, but she doesn't want things to change.  Kaitlyn's starting to realize that she doesn't either. 

This is book three in the Last Chance series.  I was able to read book two as well as this one.  I must admit, I wasn't sure how I would like this one because it's about Kaitlyn and I didn't like her in the last book.  She's a lot better in this book.  I felt sorry for her, as everyone still seemed to judge her for her past, even though she was trying to become better and work things out.  Sadly, that's how we are sometimes.  

At Home In Last Chance seemed to pick up right where book two left off.  Although, it was well into the 8th chapter when Sara showed up.  She was mentioned, but was never there.  

I like how this book is family oriented.  Even if some family members are difficult to get along with, they're still family.  

I also like Chris's big heart.  (Kaitlyn's brother)  He's the only one, and Elizabeth of course, that ever gave Kaitlyn a chance.  He was always there for her and helped her in any way that he could.  Juanita, the other waitress, kinda' got on my nerves.  She could have cared less about Kaitlyn, and didn't seemed to care if she knew it.  

All in all, it's a great relaxing read with likeable characters in a charming western town. 

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