January 31, 2015

Always on My Mind 
"Always On My Mind"
Susan May Warren

Casper is the middle child of the Christiansen family and has always been an adventurer.  He always feels the need to come save the day, not because he thinks he's some great person, but because that's just who he is.  He doesn't always fix things though.  He didn't fix things with Raina or his family, so he just leaves and goes to Honduras on a treasure hunt.  

Raina moves back to Deep Haven to house sit for her aunt.  She's hoping to start a new life and leave her old one behind, but she didn't count on one thing.  Casper.  He is also now back in Deep Haven.  It's not until another guy starts showing interest in her does she think that she can move on.  But what she doesn't realize is this guy is bad news.  Casper knows this, but isn't quite sure how to handle the situation.  His older brother, Darek, advises him to pray for her.  

Darek, the oldest of the Chrisitiansen family, is have a rough go at making the resort a success.  He is stressed, worried and cranky.  Ivy, his wife, is expecting their first child and her due date is coming soon.  Tiger, Darek's son is acting indifferent towards him, but he can't figure out why.  Darek doesn't know how to solve his problems until an old friend contacts him and wants him to join the firefighters again.  Darek is very eager to join and thinks that this might be the answer to his problems.

Casper and Raina finally attempt to be friends.  They join forces and go on a treasure hunt together.  Raina finds an old diary that helps them solve it, but also helps her with her life issues as well.

The Christiansens are some of my favorite people.  I know they're fiction, but I feel as if I know them.  I enjoyed reading Casper's story, although I must admit, it's not been my favorite so far.  While the main focus was on Casper and Raina, it wasn't as much as the other books have been about their main characters.  Although the book included the other family members, it seemed to leave Eden out.  There were also things that I didn't agree with.  I wasn't expecting a soap opera in a Christian fiction book.

  "Always On My Mind" is about forgiveness, faith, love, family and trust.  Raina learns that God really does love her and forgives her as He does all of us.  We just have to ask.  

I enjoyed the mystery part of this book.  It was different for this series, but worked really well.  The mystery kept me guessing until the end.  

"Always On My Mind" is book #4 in the Christiansen family series.  If you like Susan May Warren books, then you'll love this series.  If you enjoy reading Christian romance novels, then you'll enjoy the books about the Christiansen family.


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