November 15, 2014

Quilted by Christmas 
"Quilted by Christmas"
Jodie Bailey

High school sweethearts Taryn and Justin, at one time were inseparable.  They had this big argument in which Justin claims Taryn was a manipulator, only wanting what pleased her.  Justin leaves to join the army and Taryn vows to never love again.
Taryn decides to become completely independent and pours herself into teaching high school and helping her Grandma Jemma.  Then Justin returns home to help his father and Grandma Jemma's health takes a turn for the worse.  Taryn needs help.  Justin is there to help shoulder the burden.  But Taryn can't forget their last words that they had with each other.  What would Justin do if he knew Taryn's closely guarded secret?  
Can Justin forgive Taryn for what she has done?  More importantly can Taryn accept the fact that God has forgiven her and accept this unconditional love?

The thing I enjoyed the most about this book was being reminded of God's forgiveness.  No matter what we do we can always seek His love and forgiveness, and know He is ready and waiting to give it.

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