November 3, 2014

Cover Art 
"A Promise To Protect"
Patricia Bradley

After many years, Leigh Sommerall returns to her hometown of Logan Point to live with her brother.  Tony is the only family she has left, aside from her son, T.J.  She is just settling in and getting somewhat use to being back home, but when her brother is suddenly murdered, she can't get away fast enough.  Only, she can't get away.  Tony made Ben, her former boyfriend, promise to protect Leigh and T.J.  Leigh is not too thrilled with this idea especially since she can't stand Ben anymore.

Ben is now trying to fill in his father's shoes as being sheriff of Logan Point.  His father has suffered a stroke and now can't communicate.  Trying to solve his father's previous cases, Tony's murder and now protecting Leigh and T.J., his plate is full.  Ben also finds out that Leigh still has the same affect on him as she did in high school.  What he can't figure out is why Leigh can't stand him and the secret that she seems to have.

From page one, this book is filled with suspense.  A Promise to Protect has it all, arson, kidnapping, murder, romance and more!  The characters were well-defined and likeable.  (most of them, not the bad guys obviously)  There was a lot going on in this book, but not so much to where it was confusing.  Even though it is book two, it's a stand alone novel as well.  The lessons in this book are about forgiveness, trust, mercy, and accepting God's care.

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