September 3, 2014

Susan May Warren

John and Ingrid Christiansen have found themselves at a new stage in life.  Empty nesters.   John couldn't be more excited and looking forward to rekindling the fire with Ingrid.  On the other hand, Ingrid couldn't be more depressed and disappointed.  She misses all of her children and misses being a mother.  Not only that, but she and John don't seem to know each other anymore.  

John has this great idea of going to Europe for Christmas and renewing their vows in Paris.  He has all the money saved up, he just has to figure out a way to tell Ingrid about his surprise.  He thinks everything will work out, until Ingrid volunteers them to be in charge of the live Nativity.  

Then enters Romeo.  Their 16-year-old nephew.  Daughter of Ingrid's estranged sister, who is in treatment. Ingrid agrees to help her sister out, even though they haven't talked in sixteen years.  John hates the idea, but Ingrid has already made up her mind and is getting attached to the teen quickly.  John on the other hand doesn't seem to want anything to do with him.  

John and Ingrid couldn't be more at odds with each other.  Then Butterscotch, their 16-year-old dog gets sick and needs emergency surgery, which of course is paid for out of their savings.  

With Christmas quickly approaching and no holiday spirit between them, John and Ingrid have to learn to let go of hard and bitter feelings in order to have a Merry Christmas.

This novella of the Christiansen family series, focuses on John and Ingrid, the parents.  They are both trying to cope with their new empty nest and trying to figure out how to relate to each other.  Their relationship had been growing apart, but they didn't seem to realize till now.  

Evergreen was a very delightful and enjoyable book.  At times it seemed to remind me a little of "The Great Christmas Bowl", also by Susan May Warren, but that's not a bad thing.  Since this book is focused on John and Ingrid, we get to know them more.  They have struggles and heartaches too.  They must learn to get past them and forgive each other, as well as open their hearts to others.  

I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to any Susan May Warren fan.  Evergreen is perfect for reading anytime, but it does make you want to snuggle up under the covers with some hot chocolate.  



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