September 5, 2014

Hey y'all,

How ya doin'?  Hope you had a good week and welcomed September with open arms.  I'm glad that Fall will be here soon and the cooler weather will hopefully be joining it!  Dixie and I aren't huge fans of Summer, we prefer the "sweater weather".  

So here are some things we've enjoyed this week.  Hope you'll share a couple of things from your week as well. 

1.  Free Domino's pizza! (our sis won some for us through MLB.  Thanks sis!  )
I use to very much dislike Domino's pizza, but it somehow tastes a lot better than it use to from years ago. 

2.  Spiced Pumpkin Pie wax melts! 
These smell sooooooooooooooo good!  I went through every Fall scent Wall Mart and these were the best.
3.  Going to Golden Corral with my family.  I haven't been there in forever and love their salads.  

4.  While at Wal Mart sniffing out the wax melts, I also got a cinnamon candle.  I kinda' went scent happy! :)

5.  Getting "When Calls the Heart's" a "Telling Silence" on DVD.  It was on sale at Lifeway.  It took me a while to realize that you get two episodes for one!  I was so excited.  But even more excited to find out they're putting out the whole 1st season together on DVD through Amazon.  It won't be out until November, but that's just in time for Christmas!  :)

Happy weekend!
SMILE, GOD LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The Siberian American said...

Those wax melts look great! I might have to go and buy some. :)