May 12, 2014

Cover Art

 "Fatal Exchange"
Lisa Harris

Emily Hunt's day as a school teacher started out as just another normal day.  Little did she know that her world was about to be turned upside down.

Mason Taylor is an undercover cop, so for him danger and crime should be nothing new, but when it hits close to home, crime takes on a whole new meaning.

Rafael Cerda is a hard-working high school student who tries to do everything right.  He does his best to support his family and keep is younger brother out of trouble and away from the gangs.  When his brother is kidnapped and held for ransom, Rafael doesn't know what do to do.  He turns to his friend and mentor, Mason Taylor, but when Rafael doesn't show up for their meeting, Mason becomes worried.  Mason goes to Emily Hunt, Rafael's teacher and tutor, for assistance.

Mason & Emily must work together to stop further kidnappings and murders before times runs out.

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Fatal Exchange was a well-written book, filled with mystery, suspense, and a hint of romance.  I really enjoyed reading this book and I cannot wait until the next one comes out, which is in Spring of 2015.  :(


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