March 3, 2014

Princess Ever After 
"Princess Ever After"
by Rachel Hauck

Torn between her life the way she's known and a life every little girl's dreamed of, Regina doesn't know what to do.  

Regina loves old cars, even more than that she loves restoring them!  And that's just what she's been doing.  Tired of her big firm accounting job, she quit and opened up a shop with some pal's.  This spitfire, red-head loves her new life and doesn't care a hoot if she get's dirty and grimy while working on cars.  All is well until.....the good looking, English accent speaking, Tanner Burkhardt enters her life.  

Tanner is the Minister of Culture for the Grand Duchy of Hessenberg.  The king has entrusted him with the job of retrieving the long lost princess....Regina.  He can't help but be attracted to her highness, but must retain proper distance.  Tanner seems to not only have issues with getting Regina to accept her role as princess, but has some personal issues he needs to resolve as well.

Regina is just now finding out that her great grandmother was the Princess of Hessenberg, which makes her the next heir to the throne.  She is so confused and upset that no one has told her about this until now.  

Why does she have to give up her now "perfect life" to become a princess?  

Will she become a princess?  

If she does become a princess, will the people of Hessenberg accept her as their next royal?  

And what about that Minister of Culture, Tanner?  

 I was very interested in this book ever since I read about it.  Although it wasn't as all that I hoped it would be, it was still a good read.  Princess Ever After reminded me of Princess Diaries, which is a good thing, but could have been less like it. The book did become a bit predictable, but I found myself wondering what I would do if I was in Regina's shoes, though I'll never be.  I did not like the slang here in there.  Some parts confused me also, like the "entail".  I have no idea what that was all about. 

Read more about the book here.


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