March 6, 2014

Terry Blackstock

Juliet Cole is living a nightmare.  Her husband, Bob, of fifteen years was just shot to death before her eyes.  At first she thinks it's just some random shooting, but then she gets an unnerving voicemail, which makes her realize her husband was deliberately murdered.  Somehow she must meet the killers demands, if only she knew what they were talking about.  

After fifteen years of marriage, Juliet isn't sure she knows the man she married.  Surely he couldn't be involved in anything questionable, let alone illegal, but things aren't looking good.

As if matters couldn't get any worse, Juliet and her sons are in constant danger.  They're having a hard enough time grieving, but now they can't even stay in their home.  Her oldest son, who is twelve, seems to be taking his dad's death out on Juliet.  She's doing all she can to keep the three of them alive and together.  Thankfully she has two sisters and a brother on whom she can depend to help her through this devastating time.

Why was her husband murdered?  
And what on Earth do the killers what from her?  
 Will the killers be brought to justice?  
Who can she trust to make sure that they are?

Terri Blackstock's books are always full of adventure, twist and turns, and are always unpredictable.  There is never a dull moment!  Distortion will have you guessing till the end and you won't be able to put it down!  A must read for those who like suspense and drama!  I cannot wait to read book three!  

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