February 22, 2014


Wow!  We haven't done Saturday Sevens in months.  Shame on us.  
These pictures were taken last week, by Dixie, when it seemed the whole country was getting snow!  Nice!  
Dixie and I really enjoyed it.  

Hope these verses are a blessing to you and the pictures of God's beautiful creation! :)  The small pictures are the same as the big ones, only without the verses.

Happy weekend!
SMILE, GOD LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

1.  Psalm 96:9
 photo 4381e32a-1609-4393-99ca-546043898dcc.jpg  photo 4cdca507-4b6e-4fc6-8ea2-448e81a64844.jpg  

2. Psalm 33:5
  photo 5779e1f2-8aef-4504-95d8-d70490fb11fc.jpg  photo 828381e2-b607-4ffb-9c64-738d1b40df77.jpg  

3.  Genesis 1:31
 photo 17be4850-e0bc-4d75-a8e6-1adc625d8790.jpg photo 895bc00e-51ea-4a89-9c09-6556d5ce12cd.jpg 

 photo 9312968c-fff5-414a-a22a-3b01a8ad4db0.jpg4.  Psalm 50:2    photo e2cde704-82b4-423b-98bb-10e7eb4b707c.jpg 

5.  Matthew 6:26
 photo 554443ac-df2d-42b7-a57a-ad5be1ad4f7e.jpg   photo 1d10aada-1b2a-4c3a-b336-ef564c910940.jpg 

6.  Zechariah 9:17
 photo 9ee4b06d-ccc0-4c71-8bd3-30a7ce48c9ce.jpg photo 3645f227-75d3-4e5c-9573-d04b26a947e2.jpg  

7.  Ecclesiastes 3:1
 photo 21264394-10e9-4c3e-ba91-016f1605ddc4.jpg   photo 93c5b8a9-537f-484d-a033-6cc7dbd5db65.jpg

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