January 15, 2014

Hey y'all,

Here are some Christmas projects we wanted to share with y'all.  These were all made and hand-painted by Dixie.  Is she talented or what?  I keep telling her she needs to sell these and anything else she paints.  God has really blessed her with this talent!

Dixie made each of us a "Candy Globe", or whatever you want to call it, painted them to suit us individually and filled them with our favorite candies!

Have a great day!
SMILE, GOD LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 photo 15af1ffc-9271-4be4-a5f2-5f2e8779b424.jpg

 1.  "The Santa Train"
It's a traditional thing around here.  Usually happens the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  She made this one for our Dad.  He's always loved trains and wintergreen peppermints!
  photo a4ec952b-9f42-4688-a4e4-fcf7b879f492.jpg 

 photo 4a09d311-896e-4ceb-b82e-491f8d654d95.jpg 
   photo 7a1c4e64-6b3a-4971-aa0a-59be5803c1be.jpg 

 2.  Red Birds
Our Mother loves red birds.  They remind her of her mom, our Mamaw, who also loved them.  They reminded her that God loved her.  
This one's filled with Dove's dark chocolate with almonds and Lindt's dark chocolate.
 photo 5d247d65-ad62-4cb8-a5bd-30ae8d8bec87.jpg photo 06f3b4db-f16b-473d-90c0-656c9c8101dd.jpg


3.  New York Yankees
Our oldest sister is a die-hard Yankees fan.  Hey, don't judge.  Her's is filled with Rice Krispies Treats.
 photo 0f9cd2b4-c973-44dc-97d4-3eed1af4ff4c.jpg   
 photo 29741627-b6fb-47d7-870d-3fdab1901b51.jpg photo bb96d794-d94d-43cc-8571-771555dcb8d1.jpg    

4.  Coffee and Snowflakes and Polka Dots!
Guess whose this is!  Yep!  Mine! You might not be able to see it too good, but there are two orange coffee mugs, too.
 photo 7b136304-193f-49f6-bdf0-ea97ca53a5e0.jpg
 photo 4ac429b8-71a9-4349-a534-51d685cf68e3.jpg photo 142415a8-230b-4c49-939a-d32a050407a2.jpg       

5.  Eagles
Unfortunately we don't have pictures of this one...yet! 

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