November 18, 2013

A Marriage in Middlebury  

"A Marriage in Middlebury"
Anita Higman

Young and in love Charlotte didn't know what to do.   The man of her dreams had proposed to her, of course she wanted to yes......but didn't.  Couldn't.  Sam, being devastated and confused, left town and tried to start another life elsewhere, without Charlotte.

Years later, Charlotte has her own tea room, Rose Cottage Tea Room, that is very successful and everyone's favorite hang out.  She has her own special blend of teas that keeps everyone coming back for more!  While Charlotte loves her Tea Room and being a blessing to the people in Middlebury, she still seems to be missing something......or someone.

After years of being away, Sam finally comes back to Middlebury to visit his dying dad except he doesn't come alone, but with his fiancee.   

Charlotte can't believe her eyes when Sam walks into her Tea Room.  She really can't believe her eyes when he's with a woman.  What gets her though is, Sam's fiancee asks her to help with their wedding and Charlotte's heart can't seem to stop pounding since seeing Sam again. 

Why did Charlotte say no to the man of her dreams?  
Does Sam realize he's engaged to the wrong woman?   
Or will he late till it's too late? 

This book was different for me.  I'm more into adventure books, like westerns and such.  This one was good though.  I did, however, have trouble getting into it at the beginning.  After the first few chapters, though, I liked it better.  The ending did seem to leave some characters unfinished.  I'm not sure if she's going to make a series or what, but it didn't seem like their story was finished. 

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