October 17, 2013

The Journey of Josephine Cain 

"The Journey of Josephine Cain"
Nancy Moser

Dealing with the loss of her brother and cousin, a cranky and grieving mother, an aunt who always does what Josephine's mother does and  missing her father, who is out west working on the railroad, Josephine needs to get away.  But where, and how?  
Enter: Lewis Simmons.  A supposed photographer who sweeps her and her family off of their feet.  But there's just something about him that doesn't sit well with her, yet she can't seem to figure out what.  She tries pushes the annoying feeling away and hopes for the best.  

Josephine has been longing to visit her father out west and see the progress of the Transcontinental Railroad.  The only way she can go is if Lewis Simmons, her fiance, and her cousin/lady's maid goes with her.  Little do they know what lies ahead in their trip to the Wild West.  


I was excited about reading another book in this series, but this one didn't cut it for me.  I didn't appreciate the innuendos that were here and there throughout the book, especially since this a Christian fiction book.  Nor, did I appreciate the fact that the mother is made out to be a bad guy and the father is nearly perfect; even though he doesn't bother to require about his wife the whole time he is out west.  Also, there were some loose ends at the end of the book that didn't get tied up.  


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