September 23, 2013

Cover Art  

"Fired Up"
Mary Connealy

All Dare has ever tried to do is help people.  In fact, he can't seem to stop helping people, even though he continuously insists he's not a real doctor.  But it seems that some people don't want his help or him to help anyone else for that matter.  Mysterious happenings seem to keep occurring and trying to take his life.  But who and why?  

After two bad marriages, Glynna is trying to get back on her feet.  She is given the opportunity to open up a much needed diner in the one-horse town she and her two kids live in.  That should be easy enough, right?  Wrong!  Especially for somebody who doesn't seem to know when something is done cooking.  

Between taking care of his patients, trying to stay alive and Glynna's possessive son, Dare doesn't seem to have enough time to get to know the pretty owner of the diner, who has plenty of customers, but can't cook.

Will Dare and Glynna be able to get time to themselves?  Who is out to kill Dare and why?  Will they succeed?  


I am a huge fan of Mary Connealy.  She has to be my favorite author!  Even if she wasn't my favorite author, I still would have enjoyed this adventurous, romantic, funny, and surprise-filled book.  The characters are so real, I feel as if I really know them.  I cannot wait for the rest of this series to come out!  If you love westerns, romance, adventure, and humor, you will love this book! 

I received this complimentary book from Bethany House Publishers for review purposes.


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