March 6, 2013

Hey y'all,
Did you have a good weekend?  Sunday was our Pastor's (our Daddy, yes, we still call him Daddy) anniversary, so we celebrated!  My Sunday School class made him cards, gave him some $, and some coke's.  (one of his favorite drinks)  Instead of just giving him some "bare" cokes, I made some pop can covers.  I used the Coca-Cola font for the text. They say "We're Soda-lighted that you're our Pastor"  It was kinda' funny watching him trying to figure it what it said, but he got it.
We're going to share this printable with y'all.  You can use it for any occasion to let your Pastor know how much you appreciate him.  
All you have  to do is print, cut and tape.  Simple, right?  

Let us know what y'all think!
Hope you enjoy!
SMILE, GOD LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jennifer Where the Green Grass Grows said...

What a cute idea with the soda can covers:) How cute!!