January 9, 2013

Guess what y'all.  We've been nominated for our first Liebster Award!  We're super excited!  Thanks so much Heidi Lyn from Typative Mama Cat for nominating us!  :) She actually nominated us before Christmas, but we haven't had a chance to post it yet.

So here's what we're supposed to do:
Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog. 
Tell 5 things about yourself.
Answer 5 questions posted by the nominating blogger.
Nominate 5 new up and coming bloggers.
Ask those bloggers 5 questions that they will answer.

And of course, grab your Liebster Award!  :)

O.k. So here are 5 things about us:
Dixie:  I love watching Food Network
Dottie:  I cannot stand still while brushing my teeth.  It's true!  I'll do squats, put things away, walk around, but I can't stand still.  It drives Dixie crazy!  
Dixie:  I enjoy studying about the Civil War.
Dottie:  I play the piano by ear.  I cannot read music.
Dixie:  I taught myself how to play the harmonica. 
Dottie:  Cold days over warm days are my preference.  I would be totally happy if the temp never went over 60 degrees!  :)
DixieI too love cool weather!
Dottie:  I love baking cupcakes, but do not enjoy eating them.  Strange, I know.  I especially love baking mini cupcakes!  They're so cute!  :)
Dixie:  I love and collect pigs.  However,  I will not eat any form of them.  Ever!    
Dottie:  I have been to Mexico, Veracruz and Mexico City to be exact.  It was amazing, even though it was hot.       

Answers to our nominators 5 questions:
1.  What do you consider to be cool?
Dixie & Dottie:  SNOW, SNOW, and more SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!  :)

2. Favorite flavor? (Of what?) Everything!
Dixie:  anything with cherry!
Dottie:  ummm.....coffee?!  You know coffee flavored candy, coffee flavored ice cream, coffee flavored desserts, coffee flavored coffee.  See there are lots of things with coffee flavor.

3. Cat person, dog person?
Dixie & Dottie:  Dogs, hands down. 

4. What chores do you put up with for the sake of something or someone you love?

Dixiegathering the trash throughout the house
Dottie:  washing silverware.  Dishes I can handle, but silverware is my least favorite.  

5. What are you thankful for now, in this moment? 
Dixie & Dottie:  our families, good health, Salvation

1. Rebekah  at "I Have Been Blessed".   Rebekah's posts are always encouraging, challenging and always seem to be just what I needShe strives to please God with her life and I believe she is!
2. Theresa at "Shoestring Elegance" .  She always leaves the sweetest and most encouraging comments.  A real sweetheart.  
3.  Sara at "A Daughter of The King" Love the snow pictures she posts and how close her family seems to be.  
4.  Melody at "Faith, Family and Friends"Her love for her family and life so evident.  She is proud of her family and her God!
5.  Alyssa at "Live, Love, Laugh".  She is Melody's sister and they seem to be the best of friends!  I love that.  Reminds me of Dixie n me!  She takes the funniest pictures too!  :)  
 Questions for our Nominees (we answered them as well):
1. What is the strangest thing you collect?  
Dixie:  Postage Stamps
Dottie:  cupcake papers!  :)
2.  What is your dream vacation?
Dixie: I would love to be able to visit all of the Civil War Battlefields. 
Dottie:  Our family took a "road trip" a few years ago and we went out west.  I LOVED IT!  My favorite state was Montana.  It's so wide, open, peaceful, beautiful, serene, mountainous and full of fresh air.  I would love to go back, stay in a cabin surrounded by mountains (covered with snow!) and just enjoy all of God's beautiful creativity.  Of course, His beautiful creativity is everywhere, but I especially enjoy the special touches He gave MontanaI've always wanted to visit Colorado too.  (We didn't get to on our trip)
3.  What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?
Dixie: Umm.....well I can't think of anything weird, so I'll do something that I've eaten that I did not like:  sourdough bread.
Dottie:  squid, nuf said. 
4. If you could meet any 3 people, other than Jesus and no matter what time era, who would they be?    
Dixie:  1)my great, great maternal grandma  2) Neil Armstrong  
3) General J.E.B. Stewart
Dottie:  1) Simon Peter (my favorite Bible character)  2)  Jimmy Stewart  3) Andy Williams/Audrey Hepburn I can't decide which one.
5.  What is your favorite cartoon? 
Dixie:  Top Cat
Dottie:  O, this is a hard one, let me think.....SNOOPY! Duh!


ThreeDawgLady said...

Congrats Ya'll.....I got mine last year and was so darn excited! Enjoy!

Meredith @ The Laundry Can Wait said...

Cupcake papers?? Ha ha. That's an interesting collection. :) I love that you girls are so patriotic, too.


Sarah Covey said...

Thanks so much girls!! It was a fun to fill out the questions!