August 13, 2012

Word Art World
I don't know about y'all, but Dixie n I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE fall.  I love it almost as much as winter.  Almost.  So we are going to do a "Countdown to Fall" series.   Every week, from now until September 22, we are going to share some things we love about fall.   Some weeks we may list 5 things, some weeks we may list one.  We would love if you would join us.  All you have to do is (1)share what you're love about fall on your blog, (2) place our button somewhere on your blog and (3)it would be nice if you would visit a couple of other bloggies who participate as well! (4) We would also LOVE if you'd follow us, but it's not required.  Since we're nice like that! :)

Dixie n Dottie

1.  The crisp, cool weather.  I just love the smell that's in the air during fall! So fresh. So clean. So relaxing!

2.  The beautiful fog.  “For every fog in August, there will be a snowfall.” (Farmers' Almanac)  So needless to say, we are counting the fogs.  So far we have had at least 5! Yippee!!!  :)

3.   Watching the lovely leaves, fly and fall to the ground.

  4.  FOOTBALL!  On Thanksgiving, our family plays a fun, non-violent ;), competitive game of football.  We pretty much make up the rules as we go.  In order for your team to score, you have to make it to your pile of leaves without being tackled.  Usually, we just tackle each other in the pile of leaves.  It's more fun that way! :)

Happy Fall, Y'all