October 23, 2012

So, are y'all baseball fans?  I am!  
 GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yep!  I'm a Giants fan!  No southern baseball team for this girl, even though I live in the South.  So needless to say I'm SUPER excited that my team is on it's way to win the World Series!  Can I get whoop whoop!?!  What an amazing game it was.  There was a huge down pour in the last inning, but they kept on playing! The whole series was great! Keep it up fellows! 

                   Game Over R H E
                            Cardinals 0 7 2
                                Giants 9 14 0

 Sergio Romo and catcher Buster Posey look like they just clinched the National League title.


Jules said...

Let me be the first to say congratulations on the WIN! Living so close to San Fran, so many friends were at the game tonight, I could almost hear their screams of joy! :-) Clicked to follow you; and NOT just because you are a Giant's fan! jules

Unknown said...

Great cards!! Rooting for the Giants too!! :)
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