September 21, 2012

This is a party where you share your 5 favorite things from the past week.  Sounds like fun, right?  Join the fun!

"I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel, so bad!"
So, here are a few of my favorite things:

1.  Tried some new coffee creamer, it was delish!  :)

2.  We had some cozy, rainy days

3. Went to Bob Evans today the family.  Boy howdy, was it delish and fun!  I ate this savory meal below: Chicken Broccoli Alfredo with garlic bread. (- the broccoli, not a fan of it cooked)  I have left overs too! 

Also had some Twinings Tea!  They didn't have any Chai though. :(

4.  This adorable travel case my brother got me!  Sweet huh? :)

Notice the Polka Dots?  (on the travel case)

5.  Wore my first Fall-like outfit on Wednesday!  Brown and orange!  I actually wore a sweater!  The weather was that mild!  :)  

5.5 Had my first slice of Pumpkin Bread for this year!  
Mm.  Mm.  Mm. 

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My Froley said...

That creamer looks amazing !!! We don't really get creamer in the UK, unless it's imported from America and costs sooo much (like $10!!) for one bottle. That pumpkin bread also looks delish!
I am hosting a blog hop today over at my blog :-)