August 29, 2012

Just having fun and mix-matching things.  I do not have this outfit, but I can pretend can't I?  Wouldn't you just love to climb into this picture and walk and absorb this beautiful Fall scene?  I can just hear the leaves crunching under my feet; the mild, breeze blowing my hair, as I inhale the crisp, fresh air!  Oh, I am so there! :) 


the cape on the corner said...

i love fall, so seeing this post is putting me in the mood, too!

Unknown said...

cute skirt!

Have a great day! Stop by and say hello!

Unknown said...

Ive never seen that movie, im going to be looking for it now! Im so ready for fall, time to start thinking autumn blog posts. Yeppie!

Unknown said...

Ooops that post was suppost to be for your 5 favorite things :)