July 18, 2012


Our Mother made these pillows for us for VBS. We used them as part of our Western decor. Aren't they great? She worked hard on them. What an amazing Mother we have. She did it without a pattern!

 The total cost of these pillows was $1.00! 

For the front of this one she used a bandanna.  The back is just some extra denim looking material.


Doreen said...

Great idea! I actually have lots of bandanas just waiting to be put to good use. I think I might see a pillow project in my future :).

Jan said...

So clever! What a darling idea. How cute would those be in a little cowboy's or cowgirl's room?!

Kristi said...

I LOVE this! I'll have to make a few of these for my daughter's room. She loves bright, peppy colors and they have some fabulous bandana colors at Wal Mart. Yep! She'd love 'em! :D