May 14, 2012



Hebrews 11 continued:
   1.  Abel realized he had to trust in God for his own Salvation.  His dad's (Adam) faith could not save him.   
         2.  Abel chose to trust in God's approved and              accepted plan of Salvation.  He did not try to work his own plan like his brother Cain had done.  
      - Genesis 4:1-5
      - Abel could have very easily grown a garden like  
        Cain, but he chose to have faith & to obey.  Faith 
        is not believing.  Faith is obeying.
   3.  Abel's sacrifice represented the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  Jesus sacrificed His perfect body and His perfect Blood for us, so we could be saved 
       - Romans 5:8
       - Abel's sacrifice (lamb)represented Jesus.  
         Cain's sacrifice (fruit/veg.) represented works.
    4.  Abel was saved by grace through faith just like anyone else who has ever been saved.  
       -Ephesians 2:8,9
       -Abel wasn't saved because he offered sacrifices,
        he was saved because he believed in God.  The
        sacrifices they made proved their faith.
    5.  Abel was the first murder victim.  His brother killed him.  He is in Heaven forever because of his faith.  
        -Genesis 4:6-10
        -Once we're saved, we're always saved. 
         (Romans 6:23b; Romans 8:38&39)
     6.  Abel is the first one mentioned in Hebrews 11.
          -He is still known by his faith.  We will always 
           be known by our faith, whether it be in God,
           ourselves, or something else.  What do you 
           want to be known by?  Hopefully, by your faith
           in God!  
     7.  Jesus made mention of Abel (Matthew 23:35; Luke 11:51)  He knows Abel by name, just as He knows everyone by name who puts their faith in Him.  
          -Hebrews 12:24
    8.  Abel died because of his faith.  He wasn't afraid to stand up for what he believed in, even if it was against his own brother.  We should not be afraid to stand up for God and what's right either!
         -I Peter 3:14-17


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