About Dixie

Hey y'all, Dixie here.  Don't you just love older sisters?  They're always putting the blame on us sweet and innocent, younger sisters.  O.k.  O.k. you got me, so I may not always be sweet and innocent, but most of the time!  :)
You may have already read a list of my favorite things on the home page, but in case you didn't, here's a few for starters.  I LOVE the colors red and yellow, but no relation to Ronald McDonald.  My favorite thirst quenchers are Dr. Pepper and anything with cherry flavoring.  Like my sister Dottie, I too am a snow lover, especially at Christmas!   Christmas just isn't Christmas without snow! 
Obviously, I am an honest to goodness southern girl!  I enjoy studying about the Civil War and I believe THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN!  Sorry, I got a little carried away. :)  If I'm not studying about the Civil War, you may find me drawing, painting, making cards with Dottie, and possibly  crocheting.  (If I must.)  I also enjoy playing the violin, aka fiddle, and the harmonica. 
I absolutely love the family that God has given me!  He has blessed me with wonderful siblings and the best parents in the world! 


Tayna Barton said...

I love it! Love Ya
~ Mrs. Barton

Chris H. said...

How can I send you a copy of my Christian book for you to review? It's called "Let's Meet God." Please see www.letsmeetgod.com for more. Thank you. Chris Hearn