June 1, 2016

Cover Art 
"Sins Of The Past"
Dee Henderson
Dani Pettrey
Lynette Eason

“Sins of the Past” is a three story romantic suspense novella collection.
In the first story, “Missing” written by Dee Henderson, Wyoming sheriff, John Graham, is called to Chicago when his mother mysteriously vanishes from her retirement home. Upon arriving in Chicago, John meets Lieutenant Sharon Noble who has been trying to find his mother since she disappeared. While the two try to locate John’s mother, they realize that something sinister may be at play. John learns that maybe his mother had been keeping secrets from him, which may have led to her disappearance. Will John ever be able to find his mother or will it be too late?
The second story is “Shadowed” by Dani Pettrey. Libby Jennings is in Alaska to compete in the swimming competition. When she has a day off from practicing and competing, she decides to take in a whale tour. Ben McKenna loves Alaska and enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion for his hometown with others. While taking Libby for a tour on his boat, they enjoy watching the whales. But when the whales bring something up to the surface with them, Ben and Libby are surprised to discover that the whales have brought a body to the surface. After Ben rescues the body from the whales and brings the body on to his boat, Libby is shocked to discover that the body they found is actually one of her fellow competitors. Libby is determined to find out what happened to her former friend, but will she end up just like or friend or will she be able to escape?
The final installment in the collection is “Blackout” by Lynette Eason. Macey Adams once implicated in a robbery gone wrong. She has tried for years to forget what happened to her when she was a teenager, but somebody is determined to make her relive her past. Chad Latham, Macey’s neighbor, wants to help Macey in any way that he can, but she will not let him get near her. Every time somebody tries to help Macey or get close to her they end up dead or seriously injured. Macey does not want to be responsible for anybody else get hurt, so she keeps people out of her life. When circumstances throw them together, Macey may have no choice but to accept Chad’s help. Will Macey be able to let go of the ghosts from her past or will they catch up with her and destroy her and those she loves in the process?

I was so excited to read this novella collection has I love a good mystery and some of my favorite authors were involved in the collection. I did enjoy reading this book, and while there is not a definitive connection between the three books, they are connected by the title. In each book something from the past comes back to haunt female leads in the stories. As I was reading this book I was reminded of the Bible verse “…be sure your sin will find you out” in Numbers 32:23. No matter how hard we try to forget and hide our sins, they always have a way of coming back to haunt us. God will forgive us of our sins and He will help us overcome our past if we ask Him to and allow Him to help us.


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