June 7, 2016

Anchor in the Storm 
"Anchor In The Storm"
Sarah Sundin

America has just entered WWII and Lillian's brother, Jim is in the Navy.  Lillian Avery has just finished Pharmacy School and is on her way to Boston for her first job as a full fledged pharmacist.  But her new boss is quick to tell her that she was hired only because all the men are at war.  He is not happy to learn of her handicap either.  

Because of her handicap, and something that happened with an old boy friend, she doesn't trust men.  Her brother Jim's best friend, Archer, sets out to change her mind.  

Meanwhile Lillian begins to notice a lot of prescription for barbiturates being filled, but is told that the doctor knows what he is doing.  However, Lillian's conscience won't let her do this.  She decides to try to solve the problem herself and ends up in danger.  

Will she survive?  Can Arch ever earn Lillian's love and trust?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book as I do all of Sarah Sundin's books.  I loved the fact that she has a theme to the book - Jesus is our Anchor in a time of storm and how her dad gave her an anchor necklace to remind her that Jesus is our Anchor, our Hope in any storm, our Refuge.  This spoke to me so much that I bought an anchor necklace for myself.  

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Sarah Sundin said...

Thank you for the lovely review! I'm touched that you bought an anchor necklace :)