May 9, 2016

Song of Silence 
"Song Of Silence"
Cynthia Ruchti

Lucy Tuttle is a dedicated music teacher, that is until she is force to retire early because her music program is being eliminated due to funding.  She is finding it very difficult to handle this unexpected turn of events in her life.  Her family doesn't seem to understand how difficult this is for her.  

Her husband, Charlie who retired early, looks at it as a time for him and her to start a new adventure together, of all things he wants to raise earthworms.  

Her life sums to only become more chaotic when her son marries a deaf girl with an autistic 4 year old son.  On top of that they move in with Lucy and Charlie. 

Their daughter, Olivia, is going back to school and has already moved back home.

Can things become more hectic?  Yes.  When he a misstep lands Lucy in the hospital and can take her song away from her.

Read this story and realize how God works everything out for our own good and be blessed.

I enjoyed this story very much.  It showed how we should let God control our lives and to never give up hope.  This was very well written and very true to life.

The emotions that Lucy had to work through were similar to how I felt when I had to give up teaching because we relocated.  It was a grieving process that was hard for some to understand.  Lucy's solution was an encouragement to me.  

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