February 24, 2016

Blue Ribbon Trail Ride 
"Blue Ribbon Trail Ride"
 by Miralee Ferrell

Thirteen-year old Kate and her friends came up with the perfect way to raise money for her autistic younger brother and others to attend summer camp—a horse scavenger hunt! As local businesses donate money and prizes, Kate keeps the entry fees in her mom’s antique jewelry box.
But when the box and the money disappear, Kate and her friends must unravel the clues, hold on to hope, and solve the mystery along the Blue Ribbon Trail Ride.

"Blue Ribbon Trail Ride" is such a sweet book and I'm glad that I was able to get to review it.   The main character (which are four teenagers) impressed me.  They were so mature for their age and all loved God.  I truly wish that all teenagers were like these four.  They were hard workers and loved helping others.  They definitely acted older then they really are.  These teenagers know what true friendship is.

Miralee Ferrell definitely knows how to write a good story to capture your attention.  I believe anyone of any age would enjoy reading this book as well as the series.  I sure did!

Read more about the book here.


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