November 22, 2015

Another Way Home 
"Another Way Home"
Deborah Raney

Dallas & Danae have been praying for a baby for a long time.  Danae is ready to consider adoption, but Dallas will not even think about doing so.

Needing something to occupy her time and keep her mind off of their big empty house, she volunteers at the newly opened women's shelter.  There she meets Misty & Austin, who are trying to escape Misty's abusive husband.  She finds herself being drawn into their turbulent and she pulls Dallas in with her.

Misty goes home for the Thanksgiving weekend to visit her family, but she doesn't want to take Austin with her.  So she asks Dallas and Danae to keep him until she returns.  Misty is late returning and they soon learn a tragedy has occurred.

Danae finds her prayers being answered in a way she never thought of.

I enjoyed book #3 of the Chicory Inn Novel series.  This book concentrates on the daughter Danae and her husband Dallas.  Life doesn't always seem fair and that's how it feels to Danae.  She longs for a baby.  Her sisters both have children, but God doesn't seem to hear her cries for just one child.  But He has heard Danae's cries and chooses to answer them using unusual circumstances.  When Danae lets go and lets God, she receives the answer she's been longing for.  It seems that God does this often, but we must learn to let go first.  God's ways are not always our ways and He sometimes uses tragedy for good.  

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