October 16, 2015

"Falling Like Snowflakes"
Denise Hunter

When the Christmas season finds Eden in Summer Harbor, Maine, she's on the run from trouble. Romance is the last thing on her mind.
Riding in a bus in the thickly falling snow, Eden Davis wonders how it ever came to this-fleeing under cover of night with young Micah sleeping fitfully in the seat beside her. When a winter storm strands them in Summer Harbor, Maine, Eden wonders if what might have been the end could be a new beginning.
Beau Callahan is a habitual problem-solver. He's recently left his job with the sheriff's department to take over the family Christmas tree farm to save it from insolvency. But he's flummoxed. During the busiest season of the year, he's shorthanded. Then Eden shows up looking for work, and Beau believes he's been rescued. Competent, smart, and beautiful, Eden's also guarded and quiet. He soon figures out she comes with a boatload of secrets. But Beau can't seem to help himself from falling for her.
As Christmas Eve approaches, Beau discovers he'll do anything to keep Eden safe. But who's going to protect his heart from a woman who can't seem to trust again?

This book tells a beautiful story about faith, love, family, trust and letting go of fear.  I was swept away from page one with this lovely novel.  The characters were all likable and jelled very well together.  Since this book takes place during winter and they celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's, I loved this book even more!  

While you may think this book would be predictable, it isn't.  The end result was expected, but the way it came together wasn't.  

Eden had a hard life, but in this book, everything turns out perfect for her.  I LOVE books that have a happy ending.  

There was also some unexpected suspense throughout the whole book.  Looking at the cover you wouldn't think that this was a suspense book, but it was!  It was written very well! 

"Falling Like Snowflakes" would be a new favorite of mine, however, I did NOT appreciate all of the language in a Christian fiction book.  Really?  Is it necessary?  NO!  The language really disappointed me, even if it was "slang".  I especially when God's name was taken in vain.  Unacceptable.  

Hopefully the next book will be just a good of a story but without the language!  

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