September 7, 2015

Counting on a Cowboy 
 "Counting On A Cowboy"
Debra Clopton

After losing everything she held dear, Abby never wants to love again. But a certain cowboy may just spur her to wonder if love might be worth the risk.

Running from a past that haunts her, Abby Knightly is drawn to the cozy town of Wishing Springs, Texas. Maybe this small town could offer hope and healing and a future for Abby . . . if she’s brave enough to reach out and take it by the reins.

Bo Monahan isn’t interested in the new romantic destination his little town has become—or the women who might be looking at him like he’s their next Mr. Right. Between taking care of his Pops and his growing stirrup business, he isn’t looking for serious romantic commitments. But when the infant son he never knew about shows up at his doorstep, his world is turned upside down.

This confirmed bachelor might not think he needs a wife, but he sure needs help. Even Abby can see that, and despite her best efforts to keep her distance, she can’t help but be drawn to this new father-son duo. As Abby throws herself into helping Bo navigate fatherhood, hope sparks between them, revealing that maybe, just maybe, they can navigate their dark pasts and emerge together into a future as bright as the Texas sun itself.

I really enjoyed book one, but book two was kind of a let down for me.  Book two started off very similar to book one and that was discouraging.  Bo was funny and a cut-up in the first book and not so much in this one, almost as if he were two different people.  

The fact that everyone was o.k. with Bo's indiscretion bothered me.  Sure he knew better, and knew that he'd done wrong, but that obviously didn't mean anything. 

Abby, however, made this book enjoyable for me.  I can't imagine going through what she did yet, after some time, she kept going.  Abby was always willing to help others and was a true nurturer.  

I also like Pebble.  I like how she has strong standards and sticks to them.  She doesn't give into wrong to make people happy or to please them, nor does she try to shove her standards down other peoples throats.  She is right in not giving into Rand and condoning his drinking problems.   

"Counting On A Cowboy" reminds us of the importance of forgiveness and letting go.  

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