August 1, 2015

Cover Art 
"The Innocent"
Ann H. Gabhart

Carlyn Kearney has been waiting two long and lonely years for her husband, not knowing if he was dead or alive.  The war between the states has ended, but she hasn't heard a word.

Penniless, with a mortgage on her home, she is forced to leave and seek refuge at the Shaker Village of Harmony Hill.  But the Shakers have peculiar ways and ideas, one is they don't like dogs and Carlyn isn't allowed to keep her protector and companion.  

Carlyn receives a letter while at the Shaker Village that confirms her worst fear.  Her husband is dead.

While She is at the Shaker Village, mysterious deaths begin to occur and Carlyn is blamed.  She doesn't know who the murderer could be.  It could even be someone inside the village.  But Carlyn ends up trusting the wrong person and puts herself into danger.  Will help come in time?  

While reading this book about the Shaker religion, I found myself wondering how people can come up with all these weird thoughts and ideas, which are so contradictory to the Bible.  

Ann Gabhart has done extensive research and it shows.  

It was a good read when right prevailed.  

Read more about the book here.


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