April 1, 2015

"A Heart's Disguise"
Colleen Coble

The Civil War is over, but not everyone is coming home.  Sarah Montgomery's fiance didn't make it through the war.  Her ailing father is pushing her to marry and settle down before he leaves this world.  Her brother, Wade, is also pushing her to marry, but for different reasons.  He gains a big profit if Sarah marries Ben Croftner.

So reluctantly, Sarah agrees to marry Ben, but she doesn't really know Ben, who has kept a huge secret.  By lies, deceit and thievery, Ben has kept the fact that Rand Campbell is not dead like everyone thought.  

Then Rand, Sarah's former fiance, comes home to find Sarah engaged to someone else.  When Sarah finds out the truth she breaks off her engagement.  But Ben doesn't take rejection well.  So he kidnaps Sarah.  Rand rescues her and asks him to go to his new post as his wife. But can Sarah leave her dying father?  

Will Rand go to Wyoming by himself?  Is Ben satisfied with Sarah's decision or does he have some more devious planes up his sleeve?

I enjoyed this book very much, except the fact that it ended too son.  I understand that this series was originally 2 books.  Now it's chopped up into 6 smaller books.  I don't see the purpose in that.  Just when I was really getting into it, the the book just stops.  I am looking forward to reading the other 5!  

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