March 9, 2015

"Anna's Crossing"
Suzanne Woods Fisher

April 15th, 1737, Rotterdam Germany, Anna sets foot on the ship The Charming Nancy.  Even though she doesn't want to leave her family and community of Amish believers, she is going out of duty because she alone can speak English.  She had heard horror stories of ocean voyages, but is still going to America for freedom to worship.

On board ship they face many hardships and discomforts, even death.  But they are trusting in God to see them through.  They even gave half of their water to a slave ship they encountered on the high seas.  

The ship's carpenter, Bairn, resents the "Peculiar People", as the deck hands call the Amish.  But Anna's faith and trust in God begins to chip away at his hard exterior.  

Anna cannot understand what is happening to her heart.  How can she be falling for someone outside of her Amish faith? she knows that this is forbidden.

Join Anna on this journey of life and death and see how God works things out when we trust Him.

I had a difficult time getting drawn into this book and becoming interested.  Once the story was underway and the ship out to sea, I found it easier to follow.  There were a few surprises, twists and turns along the way.  There were also a few crude happenings that I didn't think were necessary to the furtherance of the story line.  I was able to understand the discomforts and hardships without these images in my mind.  It did stop and make me think about what the pilgrims, puritans and immigrants endured to have freedom in America.  

The author did research and many of the instances that happened in the book were indeed fact.  There was a ship names The Charming Nancy.  Immigrants were taken advantage of and swindled because of their language barrier.  They trusted the wrong people who only wanted their money.  

If you read this book, read the notes from the author at the end of the book. 

Read more about the book here.


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