September 23, 2014

Tried and True 
"Tried & True"
Mary Connealy

Kylie Wilde is tired of acting like a man.  She has spent the better part of her life pretending to be one, thinking it would please her father.  Some would think that she would be used to playing the part of a man by now, especially after being a soldier in the Civil War.  But she longs to be all things woman, yet she can't let anyone know she is a woman if she wants to keep her land.

Aaron Masterson, the local land agent, is not fooled by Kyle Wilde, AKA Kylie Wilde.  Frankly, he doesn't know how anyone can think that the prettiest woman he's ever seen can be mistaken for a man.  But how can he honestly let her keep her land knowing that she's not a man?  He soon figures out that her "brothers" aren't her brothers at all, they're her sisters, who also own land. 

Not only does Kylie Wilde find it hard to ignore her attraction to Aaron Masterson, she's also finding out that it's easier to depend on him to take care of her. Especially since there is someone trying to scare her off her land.  They're doing a pretty good job of it too.

Mary Connealy's books have always been my favorite.  I was excited to get to review this book and was not disappointed.  I like how Kylie was a woman and proud of it.  Yes, she was tough, as any western woman has to be, but she was still feminine.  Kylie's relationship with her sisters reminded me of my sisters and me, as their are three of us.  I would be Kylie, even though I'm not the youngest.  

In this book, the characters learn to forgive and move on, even though bitterness had eaten them up inside.  They learn to accept Jesus as their Saviour.   They also must learn to trust God and be who He created them to be.  And that His will is always best, even if it isn't our will  

"Tried and True" is full of surprises, twists and turns, humor, romance, and life lessons that we could all learn from.  If you like western, romantic comedy's with some suspense thrown in, you'll love this book!  

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