August 22, 2014

Cover Art 
"A Bouquet Of Love"
Janice Thompson

Cassia has just had her world turned upside down, when her father decides to move the family from California to Galveston, Texas.  Her dad also decided to open up a Greek restaurant right across the street from the successful, Parma John's, an Italian restaurant.  She has no choice but to work, work, work at this new family restaurant.  And heaven forbid if she talks or becomes friends with the enemy...the Rossi's.  They're the one's who own Parma John's, along with a lot of other businesses in Galveston.  

When Cassia finds herself working secretly at this wonderful flower shop, she also finds out that it's owned by Rossi's.  She's afraid of what her dad might do if he ever finds out.  

She also meets this handsome guy, Alex, while working at the flower shop and is smitten.  But her dad will not hear of her dating, even though she is twenty-three.

Things keep building up until they're about to explode and everyone is going to be affected by it.

I have always enjoyed Janice Thompson's books.   I have all of the "Weddings By Bella" and her Hollywood series.  This one was the first book I was able to read in this series and was happy to find out that characters from both series are in this book.  It was like a reunion!  

Janice Thompson's books are always a fun, light-hearted, relaxing, enjoyable read.  This one did not disappoint.  I admit at first it did remind of a couple of other books she's written and there were innuendos I didn't like and weren't needed.  In the end, I liked the book and the references to the "Meet Me In St. Louis" movie with Judy Garland.  

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