July 9, 2014

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"Loves Come Home"
Ann H. Gabhart

The place is Rosey Corner, Kentrucky.  It's the end of World War II.  The four Merritt sisters, three by birth and one by love, when she was found on the Church steps, are looking forward to the future.  

Evangeline or Evie, as she is called, anxiously anticipates her preacher husband, Mike's, arrival.  But Mike has changed.  He doesn't want to be a preacher anymore.  Evie is not happy at all when she learns sh is going to be a mother.  She would rather purpose a career.  Can she learn to love the baby she is carrying?

Victoria, Tori, has a bittersweet reaction to the end of the war as her husband, Sammy, won't be coming home.  Only nineteen and a widow, she's left to raise their daughter, Samantha, alone.  But someone doesn't want her to be alone.  Can she open her heart to another man?

Kate, who married her Jay in a hurry before he shipped out, and she wants children.  But her husband wonders if they really know about being married and raising kids.  Will Kate get her wish?  

Then there is Lorena, who at age five was left one the Church steps by parents who loved her, but couldn't afford to keep her.  Her mother tells her to say her name out loud, each night before going to bed to remind her that she loves her and is thinking about her. But Lorena doesn't understand why they kept her seven year old brother.  Was it because he was a boy?  She is loved in her adopted family and she loves them.  But still, a fourteen year old girl gets lonely for her birth mother.  With such an usual last name, as Birdsong, she should be able to find her.  Shouldn't she?

Each sister must learn to trust in God to guide their lives and allow Him to be in control.

This is a tender and heart-touching story about a family and how World War II affected and changed their lives.  Set in a small home town in Kentucky, you feel yourself being drawn into the Merritt family and how they place their faith in God to help them through each day.  Many tears were shed as I sorrowed with them.  But their trust in the Lord helps them triumph over the problems.  An excellent and well written book, which I couldn't put down.

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