July 5, 2014

Four Weddings and a Kiss 
"Four Weddings and a Kiss"
Margaret Brownley
Debra Clopton
Mary Connealy
Robin Lee Hatcher

Fort Worth, Texas 1885.  While sitting around a campfire, five western preachers share stories of couples that God brought together.  Each story is unique and tells of the uniting of people who you would never think to be together.  The first one is about Maizy and Rylan.....

Spitfire Sweetheart.  Maizy and Rylan have been neighbor's for a few years, but are not too neighborly.  Maizy has a fascination with Rylan's Angus' but Rylan doesn't appreciate Maizy being on his land.   Maizy though, doesn't take heed to Rylan's warnings and almost gets the both of them killed.  Rylan gets injured while trying to save Maizy's life.  Now she feels responsible for taking care of him.  

A Love Letter to the Editor is the second one.  Jack has just taken the position as the new editor of the Killdeer Sentinel.  He is welcomed by most everyone in town, except his number one columnist, Molly Everton.  Molly's dad sold the Killdeer Sentinel to Jack and she was hoping and expecting to become the new editor herself.  She tries to make Jack's life miserable so he won't want to stay in Killdeer and she can become the editor.  Jack, on the other hand, finds it amusing and challenging that Molly wants to get rid of him.  He's determined to prove to Molly that she's wrong about him.  

Next is A Cowboy For Katie.  Ever since the tornado that hit her house and killed her pa, Katie Pearl has earned the reputation of being crazy.  Now that she's all alone and trying to fix up her home, she seems to be getting all kinds of suitors, only they're not interested in her but in her property.  
Treb is just passing through looking for some work so he can buy a new horse.  Crazy Katie hires him.  At first he understands why people call her crazy.  But then he gets to know and realizes she's not at all crazy.  They work side by side to get her house and barn back in order.  When it comes time for Treb to move on, they both find it hard to say good-bye.  

And last but not least, Courting Trouble.  Grace has been framed for a murder she didn't commit.  Brock is an attorney, only not the kind of attorney that Grace needs.  He ends up taking her case anyway.  He couldn't seem to refuse after he met Grace.  
Grace's little boy and Brock must work together to make sure Grace doesn't hang.  

Each of these novella's were wonderfully written with spunky, head-strong women and stubborn, good-looking cowboys.  This book is a must read for those who enjoy westerns!  You'll find humor, danger, romance, trust, faith, fear, and love in all of these short books.  Each character learns to depend on God and accept His will for their life, even if it's not what they had planned.  They also come to learn that God sends love through the people they wouldn't expect and at a time when they least expect it.  

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