June 16, 2014

A Place In His Heart 
"A Place In His Heart"
Rebecca Demarino

Mary is a young woman who is about to me made to marry a man she can't stand.  Her father feels he is doing what's best for her and won't hear anything about her refusal.  

Barnabas is a widower baker with two young boys to take care of.  He dearly misses his wife and knows that his boys do to.  They desperately need a mother, but Barnabas doesn't want to love another.  

After a few years of not seeing each other, Mary and Barnabas run into each other.  They were friends while Mary's mother was alive.  Although Barnabas is ten years older than Mary, he wonders if she will be a good mother for his boys.   Mary also likes the idea, because she is in love with Barnabas.  

Although Barnabas and Mary's dad don't agree about the Church, Mary's dad gives his permission for them to be married.  

After they are married Barnabas reveals his plans to go to the New World so they can have their freedom of religion.  Mary doesn't know if she can stand to be a part from her papa and sister.  

They set sail on a long voyage.  Amidst the rough sail, Barnabas' older boy still resents Mary and doesn't want to accept her.  The younger boy loves Mary and has accepted her as his mother.  

Barnabas and Mary have been through a lot together, but Mary still wishes and prays for Barnabas to love her.  He is a good husband to her and takes care of her, but he doesn't love her.  She know that he dreams of being on this journey with Ann, his first wife.  

This is a different book for me, but I really enjoyed it.  Mary seems to be the epitome of the virtuous woman.  This book reminds of what all of our forefathers went through, so we could have the freedoms we enjoy today.  Throughout this book there are lessons of trust, faith and love.  Reading this book made me grateful for all that the first settlers did to make sure they could worship God and read His Bible.  


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