May 24, 2014

      "One More Last Chance"
          Cathleen Armstrong

Sarah Cooley is fresh out of college and ready to go back to her home town to teach.  What Sarah's looking forward to the most, is that nothing changes in Last Chance, New Mexico.  Or so she thinks.  

Chris Reed has just bought the Dip 'n' Dine and wants to start making changes to fit his taste and bring more interest to the little diner.  People, especially his chef, aren't to keen about his ideas and they're not afraid to let him know it.  He can take his chef's critiquing in stride, but it's the little spitfire's, Sarah Cooley, approval he wants.
Sarah can't stand Chris Reed, or what he's doing to the Dip 'n' Dine.  Why can't he just leave things the way they were?  She knows he's interested in her, but she wants nothing to do with the new cocky diner owner.
It's not until Chris' niece comes to stay with him that Sarah starts to see that he's not all that cocky.  In fact, he's a kind, generous, caring man, who just wants the best for everyone.
Chris' niece is having a rough time adjusting and doesn't get along with anyone in town except Sarah.  Sarah loves spending time with her as well, as long as she doesn't have to spend that much time with Chris.  
Will Sarah ever get along with Chris?  Will they learn to work together?  What will happen to Chris' niece and the situation there?
Cathleen Armstrong is new author with lots of promise!  I really enjoyed this book!  Although this is book two, you won't be lost just picking it up and reading it.    I will read anything she writes!   This book is very heartwarming and relaxing to read.  The characters she creates are so real, I feel as if I know them!  Even though I have never been to New Mexico, the way she described it was so beautiful!  One thing I didn't was a couple of words used to call someone a name.  They weren't necessary and something I didn't appreciate in a Christian fiction book.


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