April 9, 2014

"Dating, Dining and Desperation"
Melody Carlson

Daphne has sure been enjoying her leisurely life as an heiress.  She is working at home as free lance writer and creates her own schedule.  Her family and friends are concerned that she is becoming a hermit and might end up like her Aunt Dee - an old maid with cats in a huge house.  Though she tries unsuccessfully to convince them otherwise.  

Her new neighbor, a true southern belle, has taken it upon herself to make sure Daphne becomes more social.  She is also trying to help her meet her Aunt Dee's conditions in order to keep her inheritance.....She must be married by the end of the year to remain the heiress to her Aunt's estate, otherwise it goes to her cats, Lucy and Ethel.  

Daphne was worried at first about meeting her aunt's requests, but she is learning to take things in stride and trust God.  

Meanwhile, she is taking care of a neighbor girl, who is in desperate need of a friend and a caregiver.  Daphne finds herself attached to the sweet little girl and can't help but worry about what will happen when her uncle, a marine, comes home to assume custody. 

This book was even better than the first!  A page turner, with new characters and even more twist and turns than the first.  I can't wait to read the next book in the Dear Daphne series.  I was disappointed to find out that it may not be printed, but only come out in e-book form.  :(  I'll have no way of finding out what happens!  Please print the rest of these books!  


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